Washington, D.C. Chapter

Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP)

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Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP)

LAP is composed of those members of a trade union or a union management joint program who are involved in the actual provision or administration or employee member assistance programs with special emphasis on mental health, substance abuse or dependency issues.

Membership in LAP is a result of sponsorship by a LAP member in good standing.

Membership is limited those who are currently active or retied dues paying members in good standing in a recognized trade union. Management and/or company members must currently be active or retired from a union/company joint program.

If you reside outside of the Washington, D.C. area, the D.C. chapter welcomes you. Most of our chapter business and communication is conducted electronically via email contact. Chapter dues are $60 per calendar year.

For more information about joining the Washington, D.C. chapter, please contact Al Abromitis at (703) 282-8866 or email at al.abromitis@laborassistanceprofessionals.org